Monday’s Top 5

My first link this week isn’t a new post. It’s been around for a while. (Since last June, actually.) I first came across it about a month ago, and have seen links to it in various places since then. But that doesn’t mean that (a) everyone’s seen it, and (b) I shouldn’t share it.


So, to all the writers out there: Ever wanted to find a way to write faster, while simultaneously increasing the quality of your writing? Then Rachel Aaron has the best info around. She shares the method that helped her go from Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day. Note: This is not really about writing a set number of words per day. It’s more about how to use some self-knowledge and research to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of your writing.


Anthony Lee Collins posted a very interesting article on writing, re-reading, and the importance of having both something important to say and the capacity to say it well. Check out his post about Ellery Queen’s novel The Door Between, Writing in Balance.


Ever heard of the idea of having a Totem Animal? As Howlin’ Mad Heather explains,  “for those who believe in such things, the totem(s) can serve as a companion through life, a symbol for one’s personality, a reflective spirit for time of trouble.” If I was going to choose a totem animal for myself, it would possibly be a tiger. Or a raven. Or… actually, that may require some more thought. Nevertheless, Heather has a great post on Prawn and Quartered talking about her totem animals and her Life as a Honey Badger.


It’s not long ago that I discovered Jennifer of Kvetch Mom, and she made my Top 5 lists almost immediately. She continues to amazes me every week (sometimes every day) with her insightful and beautifully written prose. This week alone, she had three posts that could have made it into my list of favourites. But in choosing one, I couldn’t go past this sweet, tear-inducing story about her son. Here’s a brief excerpt from Everything Possible:

I asked if he still played with any of the boys he used to mention on occasion. He said, Not really. I’m different from them. Twisting my thumb gently, he buried his head against my shoulder. That’s okay, I said. I pretend like I’m friends with the boys so they won’t notice, he said softy. And then, Sometimes I like girly things. His breath warmed my chest as he waited for my response.


Finally, I’d like to welcome Bridget of Twinisms to my Top 5 list. (Seriously — if you’re not following her blog yet, you’ve got absolutely no excuse.) As you may be aware, her husband deployed to Afghanistan a couple of months ago. She’s now counting down the days until he returns, with only her two sets of twins, her battle buddies, and a house full of boxed wine for company. When her Army-wife friend asked for her advice for a spouse dealing with their partner’s first deployment, Bridget whipped up a little something titled Deployment Advice.  This is not just great reading for Army wives — it should be essential reading for everyone. She’s got advice on Communication, Helping your Kids, Keeping your Sanity, and more.

Remember Murphy’s Law of Deployment. As soon as your soldier leaves, everything will break. The car, the dryer, the toilet. It happens to all of us. It’s not just you. The Gods aren’t  plotting against you, I promise.


And I realise that’s my 5 already done, but I’d also like to leave you with this great clip. It’s so inspiring I could watch it over and over and over again.


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12 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. Wow, what an honor for a Monday morning. Thanks. I feel especially honored to be in the same list as the Kvetch Mom post. Her son is very lucky.

  2. That is my all-time favorite poem/book in the entire world. What an awesome expression of it!!! Burning mom always seemed overwhelming and scary and dirty and distracting to me, but there are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THERE! And they all seem so nice!!!

    • I know, right? I watched that video and my first thought was: I need to buy that book and read it to my sons every night for the rest of their lives. And I now want to go to Burning Man.

  3. I’m also honored for the link.Thanks so much! Going to check out a few of these new blogs as well.

  4. Thanks Jo:) I’m honored (ad always) to make your list.

    And I love, love, love this clip!!

  5. I loved the video and look forward to visiting your selections.

  6. How in the heck do you do it?? I have trouble keeping up with just my own connections and family and work and kids and everything else, but it’s great to get this list to check out the top picks without searching through even more connections.

    Thanks for helping us keep up!….John H.

    • You’re welcome as always, John.

      As for how I do it… Sometimes even I don’t know. I put it down to being forced to get up before 5:00am every morning with my little one, when I’m really not a morning person. I spend a couple of hours each morning reading blog posts while I wait for the rest of the household (and myself!) to wake up. Blogs and coffee actually make a lovely morning combination. 🙂

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