Monday’s Top 5

Jess Haines is one of my favourite authors. She writes of the H&W Investigations series, the first one of which I reviewed here. I’ve been following her blog for some time now, and always find her to be funny, a little snarky, and very open about her writing and her views. This week she posted about The Taste of Success — it’s a very personal and honest look at the realities of money, writing, publishing, and making it all happen. In her own words: “Well, you know what, self-doubt? Fuck you.”

Dan Thompson talked about an interesting sci-fi phenomena this week: the danger of missing the call. When you’re projecting your story into the future, it will quickly become dated if you miss an important element of future technology. As he says: “A story written in the 1930’s with flying cars can still feel like the future, but one that leaves out computers is fatally dated.” This article, titled What Are We Missing? is a must-read for any sci-fi writers out there.

Abigail of Oh My Words! revealed this week that she is in awe of a friend of hers who knows all the words to R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It. And fair enough, too. I’m pretty impressed that I know about 70% of them — and that’s more than enough to impress my lyric-challenged husband. In the spirit of this song, Abigail looks at a few other songs with lyrics that are just as tricky to Sing Along With All the Right (Oh My) Words when you know them as when you don’t.

It’s the same old story: Boy likes Girl, Boy pulls Girl’s hair, Girl goes home crying and is told, “It’s okay, it’s just because he likes you.” But have you ever stopped to consider why we think that’s okay? What makes it okay for a schoolboy to be hit, kick, taunt, or otherwise hurt a girl to show his affection? What would you think if he was an adult? And if society says it’s okay when he’s six years old, how can we turn around and tell him it’s not okay when he’s sixteen? I’d never considered any of these questions until reading this great article from the Queen of the Couch: You Didn’t Thank Me For Punching You In The Face.

And on a less serious note, Renegade Mama brings some of her trademark snarkiness to Valentine’s Day with her post: Yo, Hallmark, I got some Valentine’s for ya. After all, who hasn’t at some point wanted to give their partner a Valentine’s card that reads, “If you leave your boots on the living room floor one more time I’ll fucking cut you.”


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2 responses to “Monday’s Top 5

  1. I file the “he hit/mocked/hurt/abused you because he likes you” line in the same bin as the advice my parents gave me about the various bullies who hit/mocked/hurt/abused me as a kid: that being “they do that because they’re jealous of you”. That particular bin is marked “Bulls#!t parents say to make kids feel better, but which I shall not be passing down to my own young, because it’s clearly a load of crap”.

    Abuse is abuse. And, more often than not, abuse is about power. There are any number of underlying excuses or pathologies that surround this behavior that I can’t explain; but it’s not because they liked you and it’s not because they’re jealous of you.

    One of my greatest fears, as a parent, is not that my children will be bullied, though… it’s that my children become the bullies.

    • Ah yes, the “they tease you because they’re jealous” ploy. I remember it well. Fortunately, my social skills weren’t quite as bad as those of one of the boys in my class who actually screamed back at the bullies, “You’re only mean to me because you’re jealous of me!!” Yeah, it didn’t go well from there.

      I will also not be passing on that piece of BS.

      And I totally agree re: worrying that my children will be the bullies. As much as I want to protect my boys from the world, having them make another person’s life hell would be the absolute worst.

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