Happy: adj. Enjoying wellbeing, contentment, and joy.

Logophile: n. A lover of words.

Much as the happy drunk becomes more social and friendly under the influence of alcohol, I become more social and friendly under the influence of words. Written or spoken, fact or fiction, mine or yours: it doesn’t matter. I’ll take my hit wherever I can get it.

This fascination with words isn’t new. I remember a night when I was 4-years-old. Mum and Dad were in the kitchen doing the dishes, my baby brother was in bed asleep, and I was drawing quietly in the lounge room. Suddenly it hit me: I didn’t have to wait for my parents to read me a book. I could make my own. I couldn’t read or write, but that was a minor setback. The lure of books and stories was too strong for such a trifling matter to stand in the way. So I took two pieces of paper, folded them in half to form a 4-page book, and started “writing”.

I presented my masterpiece to my parents, told them I was going to be author, and my fate was sealed. More than thirty years have passed since then. I’ve grown up. I’ve experienced life. I’ve worked a variety of jobs. I’ve shelved books, made ice-cream sundaes, and sold holidays. I’ve married and had children. But my love for words and stories is stronger than ever.

Welcome to my blog.