Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is one of the most challenging (and fun) styles of writing. Flash Fiction stories are usually less than 1000 words in length, but can be as short as 100 words. Or, on occasion, even shorter. The most famous (and shortest) flash fiction recorded is only six words long and is attributed to Ernest Hemingway.
“For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”

I’m not going to attempt a story quite so short, but I do enjoy writing 100 – 1000 word stories. I hope you enjoy reading them.

A Crime of Passion
Selena Scott may have committed a crime. But with the evidence disappearing around her, is she really guilty of anything? Or is she just following her passions?

A story of fear and aging, told in three sentences.

Bright Dreams and Clock’s Revenge
Have you ever listened to a ticking clock? I mean, really listened. Marvin and his friends know what you’ll hear between the tick, tick, ticks.

Revenging the Rhythm
Sixty years ago, a Healing Ritual went wrong and Alix and Bale were stripped of their rank and banished from the Temple Priesthood. But year after year, they’re still doing their best to revenge the rhythm.

Switched Off
Switch isn’t your average courtesan. She’s got PCB tatts, black light in her room, and a nano-blade under her pillow. She’s also got a secret.

You Can Quit
Warden Curtis Cole has seen his share of prison riots, but it’s not like it used to be in the old days. Now that he’s got Mutants to contend with, it’s all about the politics.

The Game
“Three truths I will tell you and one lie. That is how the game is played, is it not? When the game is done, you will tell me which three were truths and which one was a lie.” So begins the conversation in a dark and mysterious bar where both participants have more secrets than you’d expect.

From an early age, Bedlam Blue wants to be a Wish-Bringer, just like his Dad. He’s got the gossamer wings and the passion, but does he really have what it takes?

To Infinity and Beyond
Two teenage boys make a deal on summer day: If they invent a time machine, they’ll travel back in time to that moment and tell themselves. They didn’t really expect it to happen. And they didn’t expect Future-William to show up with a gun and a chip on his shoulder.

It Takes Two
Judy the Vampire Hunter is back in a sequel to Touched for the Very First Time. This time she’s found herself a new virgin to work with. But things just never seem to go exactly to plan.

Charlene isn’t like normal girls. For one thing, she was grown in a plant. For another, she’s green chartreuse. But things don’t really get bad until she’s kidnapped from her home to marry a grotesque, toad-like man.

Smoke and Mirrors
Christopher is just your average teenage boy juggling school and chores and parents. But when he steps through a magical portal he isthe mighty hero Kristof. When his partner (and almost-girlfriend) is captured by bandits, Christopher has to find a way to save his soul mate, clean his bedroom, and not get caught lying to his mother. All before his father gets home.

The Brains for Fame
The zombie apocalypse isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you have to avoid the hordes of shambling undead and the occasional zombie-mobbing. But none of that is as tough as breaking into the music business. Just how does a talented rock band make it big, anyway?

I Want to be a Vampire
When Vlad Dracula II (not his real name) moves out of home, he thinks he’s fulfilling his every dream. His apartment is painted black. He never sees the sun. And if it wasn’t for his mother’s pestering, he wouldn’t have to think about having a “normal” family ever again. But you know what they say: be careful what you wish for…

Solstice Magic
It’s Christmas — the perfect time for a heartfelt reunion between a boy and his long-lost mother. The fact that it includes grave-robbing, murdered dogs, magic hats and a psychopathic, chain-smoking nine-year-old just makes it all the sweeter.

My Lover, My Lady
This is a short, romantic story that should be read aloud for full enjoyment.

Touched for the Very First Time
Judy knows there are only three constants in life: death, taxes and vampires. She’s a vampire hunter, trained by one of the best vampire hunters in the world: her Dad. With him gone, she’s the only one left to carry the family’s vampire-hunting tradition. Well, her and her trusty sidekick. With her skill, her knowledge and her trusty inventions, nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

The Truth Will Let You Breathe
There’s a new kind of monster lurking; a monster made of lies. In this poem inspired by Dr Seuss and Halloween, that monster is on the prowl.

Pest Control
The leprechauns are back. The horrible little things set up under the house, banging their hammers all night and giving me migraines. No one believes me. Not my doctor or my shrink or even my husband. But I know they’re there. And there’s only one thing left to do.

Grudge Match
It’s Bobby the Beast vs Nightmare Nikolai in the grudge match to end all grudge matches. Make sure you’re in the audience for this one, folks. There won’t be another contest like this for years.

Where Everyone Knows Your True Name
When Kane (Kevin) stumbles into The Bar in the middle of a snow storm, he gets more than he bargained for. He wanted a drink and a quiet place to sit and think. But it isn’t that kind of bar. The more time he spends there, the more he finds out about it. And the more he finds out about it, the more he wants to know. And it really, really, really isn’t that kind of bar.

Meta What?
In the world of publishing, there are two sides: Traditional and Indie. This is a tale of one man’s revenge on the people who stood in his way. But sometimes revenge shouldn’t be served cold. In fact, it shouldn’t be served at all.

Six Inches Under
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. But when Sharon Hutchins shows up dead, none of the people around her seem to have a strong enough motive. And the custom Colt King Cobra responsible for her death has killed before. Many, many times before.

Wish You Were Here
Every day is market day. For Pierre, market day never ends. The magic that binds him to his stall is unbreakable. The only way for him to escape is to find someone to take his place. Perhaps today, perhaps this market day, will be his day.

On the Horn of the Unicorn
Calvin has a secret. He likes girls. He likes lots of girls. He likes them to be strong and aggressive — that way they last longer once he straps them to his special table. But the girl he caught last night… well, there’s something a little different about her.

Bite Me
The tooth fairies have a problem. Not only are they overworked and underpaid (who isn’t?), they simply don’t have the staff to keep up with demand. Do you have any idea how many teeth are lost every minute? A lot. And when the tooth fairies decide to go on strike, things get worse. A lot worse.

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